Job Openings




Postdoctoral positions

Please, inquire with Michele Pavanello if you are interested in joinin PRG.


Graduate Students

Several PhD positions are available starting 2017

Available research projects are all in the field of theoretical chemistry and involve method development and computer coding. Background in mathematics, physics, and programming is welcome but is not a strict prerequisite. Instead, a strong drive to succeed is required!
Available projects include, but not limited to:

  1. New directions in embedding electrons described at the wavefunction level (coupled cluster, MP2, etc) in an environment described at the DFT level (WFT-in-DFT).
  2. Van der Waals interactions with the recently developed FDE-vdW.
  3. Theory of diabatic states and approximate methods for calculating derivative couplings for non-adiabatic dynamics simulations of large systems.
  4. Models of charge and exciton conduction in molecular semiconductors and interfaces.



Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are very welcome! We offer an appealing young and fun learning environment, while carrying out academic research. Please do inquire about summer/semester research projects. Or just drop by my office anytime!
Preferred major/minor: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science.To receive consideration, students must be able to commit to 10 hours/week during the semester(s) and the full summer period for at least one academic year.



More on the research projects

Keywords: density functional theory, DFT, FDE, density embedding, charge transfer, charge transport, photovoltaics, photosynthesis, theoretical chemistry